About Us

Almira Yelken ve Deniz Turizm A.Ş.


To ensure that our guests explore the beauty of the sea, the freshness of the air and the lucidity of the stars, enjoy the pleasure of swimming in crystal clear waters, feel the wind on their face by being UNDER SAIL just as Hayreddin Barbarossa and Piri Reis had done and experience a dream by distancing them from Earthly troubles while sailing with just the sound of the water.


To prevent pollution of our Heavenly Earth and Seas, to take action, lead and guide on this matter, to build awareness regarding environment, to show the joy of living with limited resources, to support those acting towards such end, to create a happy, aware customer base.

Our Fields of Activity

  • Sailing training and long sailing programmes for both new beginners and experienced yardmen who wish to improve themselves
  • The opportunity for new beginners of sailing to have a sea vacation with friends and family while learning how to have a vacation with a sailing boat, in other words combining sailing and training with vacation.
  • To plan and organize Filotilla programmes for large groups.
  • To make Aegean Sea, Greek Islands, Trip and Filotilla programmes
  • Sailing Training on a Sailboat, Team Work to infuse team spirit for Corporate companies.
  • To plan training programmes for managers of Corporate Companies in accordance with the suggestions of our life coaches.
  • Boat Rental Services with or without Captain.
  • To provide port maintenance services for boats that have not been used for a long time.
  • Hikes and outdoor activities in nature.