Confidentiality Policy of Almira Yelken

Using this website ( and its services (“the Services”) shall mean that you have read and accepted this Confidentiality and Security terms and conditions (“the Confidentiality Policy”). If you do not accept this Confidentiality Policy, we shall assume no undertaking / doing no business with you nor accept your reservation request. If you think that you may fail to respect the terms of this Confidentiality Policy, do not continue to use this website and its Services.

Registration After Amendment of the Confidentiality Policy

Almira Yelken ve Deniz Turizm A.Ş. itself and/or its affiliates (all together “the Website Owner”) shall have the right to amend and add any additional term to this Confidentiality Policy at any time, without the need for any prior notification. Any amendments shall be announced on the website in order to inform the users regarding the confidentiality articles, or the nature of the information obtained by using the website and how to share/use these information. Since the Website Owner has the right to amend these terms and conditions; the Website Owner encourages the Users to periodically review the foregoing to obtain information thereon as well as on how they protect the user information. The users should respect this Confidentiality Policy and relevant amendments, and should review thereof at regular intervals. If you use this website or its Services after such an amendment, you shall be deemed to have accepted that amendment in the Confidentiality Policy.

Open System

The User (it is used as a general term for everyone including the members logged in the website) acknowledges and declares that the internet is not a secure environment, communication via the internet poses a risk, and all information, including personal information, passwords, etc., can be obtained by third persons.

This website is supplied on the basis of the principle of “as it is”. Without limitation, no guarantee, declaration or commitment, whether expressly or implied, shall be made in respect of this website, including accurracy and completeness of any content or security of the website, including malicious acts. Without limitation, the Website Owner shall not be hold liable for direct, indirect or consequential damages, losses, loss of data, income or profit, loss or damage of property, or costs in respect of copy or use of any information or material contained in or attributable to this website, or any other use of this website, or compensation claims of third parties, regardless of their occurrences (without limitation, including the information on the yachts indicated in this website). Nothing in this website constitutes a recommendation, and transmiting, downloading or sending of any information shall not constitute a contractual relationship. Prices and indications given in this website regarding the availability of the yachts, captains and crew are provided for guidance purposes only; they are not binding and may be changed without any prior notification.

User Information

The Website Owner receives the user information from several different points in the website. The user shall be exclusively responsible for any kind of content, including but not limited to articles, texts, documents, music, written advertisements, visual advertisements, opinions, contact details, travel priorities, personal needs, disabilities, and diet needs, that contains sound, text or video/image and has been uploaded or transfered to the website or sent via the website and its Services. User information can be obtained upon the request of the user, the user’s contact with the website (vice versa) or the user’s reservation. The user shall be deemed to have accepted and guaranteed that all information sent or transferred via the website or its Services are reliable, accurate and legal, and do not violate the rights of third persons. The User shall be responsible for ensuring that other members of his/her group are aware of the content of this Confidentiality Policy and have given their consents for the User to act on behalf of them with regard to all transactions at the website.

Where the Website Owner considers that any content uploaded by the User to the website is harmful or onerous to third parties or against international or local regulations; the Website Owner shall have the rigth to partially or wholly prohibit the access of such content to the website or to remove such content. The Website Owner shall preserve the right to but not obliged to update, pre-eliminate, research, eliminate, change, reject, call attention to or remove the content.

User Name and Password

The Website Owner may require Membership/Registration for any Service or part thereof. During the registration process, both user name and password or any of them may be requested from the User. The User shall be exclusively responsible for protection of his/her user name and password, and for illegal or unauthorized use thereof. The Services subjected to the membership condition shall be used only via a password. The User shall be responsible for creating a secure password by using special numbers, letters or characters. The User shall be exlusively responsible for processes carried out by using his/her user name and password. In case the user name and/or password have been forgotten or obtained by other persons, or in case a user has an incident threating his/her user security, the user shall immediately notify the situation to the website or the Website Owner.

Protection of Information

The Website Owner shall put all reasonable efforts for safeguarding of all pages of the website. The Website Owner uses several technical and administrative applications for keeping the information confidential and secure and protecting the data integrity.


Copyrights and financial rights of the website belong to the Website Owner. All contents of the website, including but not limited to texts, articles, images, pictures, documents, sounds, marks, signs and other intellectual properties, are protected by the relevant legislation, and distribution or sharing thereof for personal or commercial purposes without prior consent of the Website Owner is illegal. No part of this website shall be copied (by printing, saving to disc, putting on another website or otherwise transfering to a computer), distributed, published, or destroyed by changing the content for any purpose other than those stated hereby; and titles, names, trademarks, logos or other elements of the Website Owner or the website shall not be removed or changed.

Third Party Websites

This website may contain parent or subsidiary websites that are operated by third parties, and may provide links or information to such third party websites. The Website Owner shall not give any specific commitment or guarantee for content, security and confidentiality policies of or establishing a constant connection to the linked websites. The links, which are contained in the website and provide connection to other websites, are not included in this Confidentiality Policy. Obligations are subjected to the terms and conditions stated in such third party websites. Before using third party websites, you should read their confidentiality policies. The Website Owner shall not be held responsible for personal information provided to third party websites or their content, and for services or confidentiality policies of such websites.

Website Third Party Software

The User may need to use third party software in order to use specific Services provided by the website. Where the Services are used, the data regarding the method and scope of using those Services may be recorded to the database of the website.

Personal information

While visiting or using the website or the Services, the User may/shall provide personal information, including but not limited to his/her name, surname, address/residence information, IP information, e-mail address, and phone number, and these information may be recorded. While providing such disclosed/recorded personal information, the User acknowledges and declares that he/she is aware that the Website Owner can access to such information and all provided/recorded information shall be deemed as the information declared to the Website Owner.

The user information collected through this website shall be stored in the database and periodically used for assessing the success of the website and controlling the operation of the website. When the User requests a page from the service unit of the website, the service unit automatically collects information about the User’s system, including his/her IP address.  The Website Owner uses statistics to analyze the traffic of its own website. Statistics do not create personal profiles of the users, they only collect mass data.

The Website Owner, at his/her own discretion, may classify and record personal information of the User in the database, use these data for the website’s purposes, transmit to third parties, and use the data and statistical data in respect of the use of each page of the website which has been recorded in the database. The user acknowledges and declares that the User has authorized the Website Owner for the above mentioned use. In addition to this, the Website Owner shall, at its own discretion, also have the right to use software to access to the website.

Corporate or company member information shall be subject to the terms of conditions of personal information.
Authorization you give in respect of your personal information also includes the authorization to use your personal information for the Services, members, third party advertisements or marketing activities, etc.
The Website Owner may disclose personal information when required by law, provided that the Website Owner has a full belief that such act would lead to a lawsuit, court order or any legal action against its own websites. The website shall preserve the right to change the specifications, prices and other details, at any time, depending on its constant development policy.

Commercial Contact

The Website Owner may send an electronic message or commercial electronic message to your contact address recorded to the website memory or provided to the Website Owner. You accept that you approve/confirm to receive any commercial or non-commercial message sent to you via electronic communication means. You shall have the right to access to your personal information collected by our website. You shall always have the right to request a copy of the information which are provided by you and available on the website. The Website Owner shall have the right to charge a fee for this service. In addition to this, you shall have the right to request from the Website Owner to stop using your information or to change thereof by sending your new information to the website. If you want to make any of the above mentioned requests, please contact to  If you have any question regarding our Confidentiality Policy, please contact to

Violation of the Confidentiality Policy

Where the Confidentiality Policy is violated or attempted to be violated, even if such an attempt has partially or wholly failed, the Website Owner shall preserve the right to deny, remove or delete the information available in the system, or to suspend or block the access of the User/Member to the website or the Services, or to cancel/suspend his/her membership without any prior notification. The conditions mentioned above apply to the indirect violations or violation attempts by third parties acting on behalf of the User or the Member.